play is practice

Photo: Emily Sea

The job task is to create – not just anything, but something that enhances your portfolio. The goal is to communicate how you communicate. Your vibe. Your original aesthetic and vision. Your voice and your work will have an overall theme to it – a unique look and feel. The challenge is being able to identify just what it is and to tell the story in a way that’s easy to understand.

Some questions to ask when organizing and curating content for your portfolio:
1. Is it balanced? Meaning: Are there samples of projects outside of work or school in there?
2. Is selected material varied in terms of color, layout, and/or theme? Meaning: Does it pop?

Get those down and the rest will fall into place. Don’t overthink it. You know what’s good. If you think it sucks it’s safe to say someone else will too. And the same is true if you get that special feeling from your samples – they will too. Go for it!