Parlor/Fresh is more than a showcase – it’s a love bazaar. A love for art. A love for culture. A love for everything FRESH.

P/F is also artist education, development, and consultation. All too often, the artist community has an abundance of talented creatives, but lack key ingredients in taking their art to the next level. It takes the proper mix of marketing, promotion, and developing key relationships to really make things happen.

This is where Parlor/Fresh comes in…

Not only do we select and feature highly-skilled artists and performers, but we also provide education, development, and consultation in the areas of marketing, promotion, and professional networking. Our holistic approach provides a “360 degree” experience for the artist, sponsors, patrons, and our event attendees.

Most importantly, Parlor/Fresh provides a concrete, measurable takeaways that artists can use after their showcase. And though this opportunity is not free, it’s a lesson in, “teach a person to fish…” That said…

Our Program and Method includes:

  • Conduct 30 minute phone consultation (for every participant);
    *We pair each artist with a P/F Team Mentor for a 30-minute consultation to strategize and assess how we can get the most out of their showcase.
  • Assign each participant a personal profile on’s official website;
    *Highlights the artist, their work, bio, etc.
  • Provide “Branding + Marketing 101” Workshop AND¬†“Building Relationships – How to Sell Your Dream” Workshop;
    *Our P/F Mentor Team conducts two, 2-hour workshops focused on Branding, Marketing, Promotion, and Building Relationships.
  • Professional Networking Event +¬†Parlor/Fresh Showcase – featuring YOU!
    *We sponsor an industry night to network, build, and offer a space to create opportunities and establish rapport with the community and each other.

Interested in submitting your work to be considered for ARTSNOB:agency’s May ’08 Parlor/Fresh showcase @ The Duce? Hit us up.

Source: Arizona Highways TV