JEREMY MONTOYA | video blog

Fate is a funny thing. A friend of mine in Phoenix told me about a Cru of dynamic persons that I had to meet when I touched down. 2 weeks later, while waiting to move into my new spot, I ended up couch surfing with one of them – Jeremy Montoya (many thanks Delbert, Jose, and Sevfen. Some people just a presence about them – and Jeremy is one of them, for sure.

1. How important are ideas?

Highly important! BUT – not as important as execution/follow through. I think it’s healthy to consistently practicing brainstorming and working your idea muscles out.

2. What inspires you to pursue your goals?

The big picture used to motivate me a bunch, but lately I’ve focused on 90-day sprints in my goal-setting. I’m most motivated to pursue my goals when the stakes are high, I enlist accountability, and when it means something bigger to me.

3. How has your work changed you?

It’s caused me to grow by watching others – but has put me on a path of continuously searching for what’s unique inside of me so that I can lead with it.

4. What would be your definition of “authentic” be?

Finding your uniqueness and leveraging it.

5. What do you want your legacy to be? What you will be known for, professionally?

I want to be somebody that you don’t forget. You might not love or admire, but you damn sure won’t forget me. I want that to be based on the ideas I put energy behind and because of how I live my life. I want to be known for setting high expectations and hitting them. I want to be known for having my cake and eating it, too.

6. If you had a time capsule, what would be 3 things you would place in it?

a) An ipad with my photo collection and youtube videos up to this point stored on it.

b) Tansurfing – a book I’m not even halfway through yet, but would include.

c) A lighter – who knows if there’s electricity when this capsule is found? That sounds helpful.