My mother, Linda Kaye Hill, was a fashionista and my father, Richard J. Ridley, Jr., was a fireman who integrated the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Fire Department in the 60’s. He owned a small flooring business on the side and I found myself carted off on jobs at age 12 (and beyond). As my father worked, I’d sneak off to write a poem or draw or read and would be so engrossed that I’d find him staring at me with a smile. Funny thing is that the flooring trade saved my rear as I became an adult and was pursuing my art career and taught my measurement, spacing, and aesthetics that I use to this day. I mean, a canvas is a vertical floor! In short, he always supported me. Note: The State of Indiana honored him with the first Pioneer Award in 2016 – I love you, dad. You are a trailblazer.

My mother was a southern woman with an eye for fashion, design, and art. She was gorgeous, with a piercing intelligence and wit that instilled the values of honesty, love, art and family. She would give the shirt off her back and she was always finding a way to help someone in need. Her spirit is in all I do. Her love is my muse and I miss her dearly (rest in Peace, my dear). She also was honored in her passing. I love you, Mom. You are an angel.

I have been practicing art for 20 years. Poetry, theater, spoken-word, and even had music placed in a feature film. But nothing compares to the feeling and love I have for fine art. There is something so primally beautiful about it – so tactile and real. It is also so profoundly personal, yet relational, and allows the viewer(s) to experience it as they see fit. It offers choice. Reflection. Catharsis.

My approach to creating is to allow my subconscious to come to the fore – to “not think” and allow the creative process to appear. I don’t have an agenda when I paint – the agenda is bigger than me. It is already in motion. I’m merely archiving the flux, the energy, the flow. I’m plugging in. Life is a mystery and I believe it to be limiting to try to place it in a certain context or theme. Life will unfold itself.

That said, I thank you for your eyes. -Nik Ridley, Founder


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(303 Magazine | Denver, CO (excerpt from The Friday Experience: Nik Ridley – Renaissance Man | Wendy Pitton)

Nik Ridley is one artist who has creatively morphed his artistic expression into the visual arts and design – his passion and desire can be felt through to the soul of his art.

He states, “Innovation is born of beans and rice…working with what one has, which is never enough. It requires a healthy blindness and a willingness to discard ‘safety’ for inspiration. The boldness to BE oneself. It’s guts, and not being married to ‘knowing’ everything – innovation is the domain of the courageous.”

I began seriously pursuing art when I was 21 – primarily performance and poetry and spoken word. From there I started producing music and writing plays and stuff – produced musicals and had music placed in a feature film. You know, stuff like that. I have always taken a multidisciplinary approach to life and art, something I credit my father with. He was a firefighter and flooring tradesman, so I had great examples to model. Then…I fell in love with painting and found home.

Fine art allows me the freedom to express color, rhythm, text, and content in infinite ways. It’s like a stage, booth, paper, and pen all rolled into one. And it’s so…timeless. Cave art. Murals in abandoned cities. Symbols on stone. It just speaks to me in a primal way.”

As a writer, art enthusiast and collector of the arts, I am always looking for interesting events or artists to share with my readers. I came across Nik Ridley in the search for my “Out & About 4th of July Weekend” Friday Experience. His show “American Renaissance” is his tribute “to the idea that America is undergoing a fundamental shift, as in past Renaissance periods (Europe, Italy, etc). It is my attempt to showcase the “new beauty or “new mindset” from a cultural/artistic perspective.”

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