5 shades of game

Taking chances. Believing in yourself. Going for it. We hear these things all the time as it relates to achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams. But what does it all truly mean?

1) Size up the circumstances, and make an educated guess to the outcome.

We cannot tell the future, but we can make intelligent calculations as to what COULD happen.

2) Make connections with people BEFORE you need them.

Chances for success increase exponentially when connections are deeper than a business card, or a chance meeting at a bar. Get to know a person, before you have an agenda – caring still goes a long way.

3) Assess what you are willing to lose, to get what you want.

Everything costs. Time. Money. Energy. Muscle. No matter what, you will have to give, to get. The question is: what are you willing to sacrifice to obtain your goal? The answer to this question is, in my opinion, the best indicator to what you will, or will not, achieve.

4) Have patience, but execute quickly.

Haste makes waste, and opportunities don’t wait for anyone, either. There is an art to knowing the precise moment to execute a plan, and those who master this art never go hungry. Granted, it takes time, but once you get the rhythm, you will be unstoppable!

5) Maintain a pleasant disposition.

We stand in the way of our own success. No person or circumstance can stop you (within reason, of course). Life truly is 98% attitude, and 2% circumstance. Being pleasant, and a general pleasure to be around is infectious – of course, if you are sincere. Everyone wants to feel good. Be a catalyst, and success will beat a path to your doorstep.

– Nik Ridley