social media trends

Photo: Kate Serbin

A previous big box client asked me a very poignant question in our initial consultation: “Where do I see social media heading?” My reply was that I see social media becoming a niche experience – one that people of like minds and interests will create immediate “pockets” to which businesses effectively hone-in on specific tastes and interests.

I added that the old school approach of machine gun content generation and sharing will become less of a reality. People want personalization. A connection. A reason to engage. And a more focused approach will Rule the Day (we can see it happening as we speak). People are increasingly becoming more and more drawn to the experience and quality, over quantity. In essence, social media will truly become a web of communities and operate as such.

In terms of branding and marketing, this means a really unique and individualized approach to meeting customers where they are. It’s no longer about them coming to us, it’s about us identifying the values and the philosophies of individuals that we match our products, services, and ideas with. In short, social media is trending toward relationship-driven outcomes and a more intimate and engaging approach on a human level.

Check out this article from FORBES on social media trends for 2017. Enjoy 🙂

-Nik Ridley